Regional Drought Resilience Planning

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  • Regional Drought Risk, Resilience and Adaptive Capacity Reports

    We would appriciate your feedback about the usefulness of these reports, as we aim to ground-truth these reports over the course of the Regional Drought Resilience Planning program.

    The purpose of the region analysis is to provide a snapshot in time of the indicative and potential drought impacts for the regions of Tasmania. Three research questions werre asked:

    • What is the prevalence, severity and impacts of drought? (Past/current)
    • What is the likely prevalence, severity and impact of droughts? (Future)
    • What are the vulnerabilities, gaps in preparedness and adaptive capacity for drought and other related permanent transitions to a changing climate? (Analysis)

    Drought resilience was determined by analysing the potential drought impact (risk) and adaptive capacity of all LGAs in Tasmania using indices from Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Community Vulnerability & Resilience to Drought Index (CVRDI), ABS and others. Full reports for South, North and North West include detailed index table results. The summary of the regional reports can be found on the regional project pages.

    These drought data reports will support the engagement activities of the Regional Project Coordinators and underpin the development of Drought Resilience Plans for all regions of Tasmania. Follow these links to let us know what you think about the report for your region: