Southern Regional Drought Resilience Planning

Vision and Goals Survey

We have a brand new (very short) survey to help us understand your priorities and ideas to progress the Southern Drought Resilience Plan.

Please give us a few minutes of your time for this set of questions about the Vision and Goals for our region.

Our Vision

The people, organisations and systems in Southern Tasmania all work together in a proactive and coordinated way to make our region strong so that we can thrive no matter the climate.

A strong, resilient region means:

Flourishing communities who understand and support each other

Prosperous local economies, where buisinesses thrive and provide jobs even when conditions are tough

Resilient landscapes, from the bush to the farm

A climate-conscious built environment that is deigned to be resilient, efficient and sustainable.

Be part of the Conversation and Help Build our Regional Plan

Resilience is being able to adapt to new challenges and thrive through change. It requires a connected community, thriving ecosystems, prosperous local economies and adaptive systems. From ecosystem function to small business viability to food production, the impacts of our changing climate are being felt locally. This is an opportunity to be part of the solution.

We spent the first 6 months connecting with stakeholders and collating a series of themes and goals based on feedback to our baseline survey and these conversations. Now it is time to delve a bit deeper and determine what needs to happen to achieve these goals and collate ideas for specific projects, initiatives, actions that will get us there. A series of community conversations and workshops are being held throughout the region to hear your thoughts and insights. In these sessions we will explore both the practical actions and systemic changesneeded to prepare for and cope with drought and increasing climate variability. Your ideas will inform development of a Regional Drought Resilience Plan and funding its implementation over the coming years.

As part of the project, we have published three regional reports. These provide a starting point for understanding drought impacts and risks in our regions. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions, as we aim to ground-truth these reports over the course of the project.

Read the full Southern Region Drought Risk, Resilience & Adaptive Capacity Data Report.

Read the Southern Report Executive Summary